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Multidisciplinary designer

Michela Segato is an Italian designer and a recent graduate of the  Design academy Eindhoven.


Her background in sculpture and spatial design enhanced her fascination for forms and the tactile relations with materials which expresses itself through an experimental, hands-on approach.

Within an attention for details and analysis, her work embodies a researcher attitude translated through a strong sense of shapes, composition and material manipulation.


She believes the design process to be as important as the end result. It is for

her a playful exploration which reveals surprising and fascinating details often unnoticed or overlooked.

In this process Michela carries a passion for composition which she visualises through set design and photography.


Driven by her interest in social behaviour, expression and poetic wonder,

Michela’s design practice focuses on questioning and rethinking the way we perceive our surrounding. Reacting to the ambiguities of the human made landscape, she challenges preconceptions by opening and visualising new ways of looking and engaging. This leads her to look for peculiarity in every topic, extracting the unusual from the obvious, led by her intuition.


Within her multidisciplinary education, she specialises in form and material research, visual translation and communication, space composition and colour theory.


Do not hesitate to contact me for collaborations, questions or any other matter.

I am easily approachable.

Photo Credit: Pierre Castignola