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Multidisciplinary designer

The Grey Area of Romance

Concept development, photography and graphic design

The way humans interact has transformed because of social media. One of the driving forces of this new age of human interaction are online dating apps.

Meeting someone has never been easier; the fast connectivity and the infinite options we

have at our fingertips help create a paradox

of choice that facilitates an ambivalent feeling that lies between satisfaction, and frustration.

Dating apps are designed to promote consumption, transforming the process

of meeting an individual, in a market of people where we advertise and promote ourselves, to ultimately become our own brand.

Intimacy has been transformed into a game of catching and releasing and the idea of being consumed by love has morphed into to the notion of love consumption.

The Grey Area of Romance is the visualisation

of a research on the new rules of interaction

and communication that are emerging from

the internet culture.

Exhibited at 'Here and Out'
Matadero, Madrid
If interested in the full book, do not hesitate to contact me.